Nozha Boujemaa Director of Research, Advisor to the CEO of INRIA in Big Data, INRIA

Nozha Boujemaa

Director of Research, advisor to the Chairman and the CEO of Inria in Data Science with concern to the socioeconomic impact of Big Data and fostering AI capabilities. Director of  I2DRIVE “Interdisciplinary Institute for Data Research: Intelligence, Value and Ethics”, French Convergence Institute on Data Science and its Interfaces recently accepted by the French government and founded by academic partners of University Paris-Saclay. Project leader of TransAlgo scientific platform for algorithmic systems transparency and accountability. Scientific Head of IMEDIA research group for over 10 years (till 2010) and the Director of Inria Saclay Research Center for 5 years (till 2015).

Knight of the National Order of Merit, Founding Director of Digital Society Institute (ISN), Elected Member of the Board of Directors of Big Data Value Association, General-chair of European Big Data Value Forum 2017 (Versailles), International Advisor for Japanese Science and Technology Agency Program “Advanced Core Technologies for Big Data Integration”, Member of the board of Data Transparency Lab.

Her domain of expertise covers Large Scale Multimedia Content Search, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning in the context of Big Data. She develops methods for automatic visual content enrichment, structuring and browsing together with interactive and personalized information retrieval mechanisms based on Semi-Supervised Learning & Active Learning. Her research activities have impact on diverse real-life application domains including web content search, cyber-security, biodiversity, audio-visual archives, and earth observation & satellite images. More recently, she is focusing on responsible and ethical data science. for more information:




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