Michael Boniface Technical Director of the IT Innovation Centre, University of Southampton

Michael Boniface

Professor Michael Boniface is Technical Director of the IT Innovation Centre, University of Southampton and a Professional Fellow in Information Technology.
He joined IT Innovation in 2000 after several years at Nortel Networks developing infrastructure to support telecommunications interoperability. His roles at IT Innovation include technical strategy of RTD across IT Innovation’s project portfolio, technical leadership, and business development. He has over 17 years’ experience of RTD into innovative distributed systems for industry and government advancing technologies in the areas of interactive media, secure service-oriented architectures, semantic web, cloud computing and network infrastructures. He is coordinator of the EC FLAME project providing leadership for the development of a future media internet ecosystem and adaptive content delivery platform building on software-defined infrastructures. He coordinated the EC EXPERIMEDIA project providing leadership for a facility used to conduct 30 trials with end users bringing together sensors, gaming, social networking and media technologies.
He is the technical lead of EC ProsocialLearn aiming to develop a games platform aiming to support development of digital games to teach children social skills. He leads work on analytics frameworks for exploring QoS/QoE causation in highly distributed systems. He provides vision and road mapping for Internet systems and policy recommendations to funding bodies through white papers, participation in expert groups and projects (HUB4FIRE, FIREStudy). Michael has a BEng in multimedia communications.


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