Georgios Tselentis Scientific Project Officer at European Commission

Georgios Tselentis

Georgios Tselentis is a control engineer with basic studies in production engineering and management and a PhD in artificial intelligence and sensor fault detection from the Technical University of Crete, Greece and a post doc in data analysis and sensor fault detection in industry (MIT GmbH Aachen, Germany). After working more than 10 years as freelance and in industry he joined the European Commission and participated in several initiatives such as the Training and mobility of Researchers, Robotics, New Working Environments and the Public-Private Partnership for the Future Internet. Before joining the Next Generation Internet (NGI) unit he was with the unit dealing with the Future Internet Research and Experimentation (a.k.a. FIRE) and is now responsible for the FED4FIRE+ and HUB4NGI projects. He is interested and actively following Internet monitoring developments in research (projects MONROE and MAMI) and regulation (Broadband monitoring study). He’s currently part of the Internet Governance team in the European Commission which represents and shapes the EU Internet policy in international fora (e.g. ICANN, IGF, ITU). Along with his colleagues within the NGI unit they try -by promoting European values- to shape future internet as a powerful, open, reliable, user-centric ecosystem.


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